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Sonic Study of The Barbican, City of London

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This is the result of a workshop I attended a few weeks ago called Field Studies. I had the chance to work alongside an extraordinary group of people with the purpose of finding and establishing connections between architecture and sound. We went to The Barbican to record and later reveal hidden sounds. Those sounds were used to create a piece that represents this fantastic building through sounds.

Field Studies 2010, Musarc

Made by: Owen Price, Christian Groothuizen, Louie Rice,
Sybella Perry, Magnus Williams, Sam Levine, Jack Harris, Alberto Sanchez Nue and John Levack Drever

This coming week I’m attending ‘ Field Studies 2010 ‘

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Field Studies is a programme of lectures and talks; recording work in the city; time spent at base editing recordings; and presenting and discussing our work. The workshop is led by three tutors who each run a studio with approximately nine students. On the first morning of the workshop, each tutor presents their ideas and ambitions and students elect a studio by ballot.

Each of the studios will follow their own timetable as far as recording, editing and group work is concerned, but we all meet at least once a day for lectures and presentations and will have time in the evening to socialize and discuss our work. The studio spaces are adjacent to each other and transparent, so there will be a lot of exchange and communication. There are lectures on Tuesday and Thursday morning, and an ‘Open mic’ session on Wednesday afternoon offering students an opportunity to present their own work (see below). On the last day of the workshop, we all come together in the afternoon to present and discuss what we have done.

Project legacy

Field Studies is an experiment and some of the territory we are trying to chart is new, so it is important that we share and publish our findings. We have been offered an open hour on Resonance FM to broadcast our work and we are planning a small publication. The students’ recordings, short interviews and texts will be available on the Musarc and Field Studies website. If you are interested, after the workshop, to provide some thoughts or a brief review of your experience and contribute to the publications, please get in touch with Joseph Kohlmaier at .

Sound Recordist & Dubbing mixer for AMERICAN GUN

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A short drama about bullying and revenge.


AMERICAN GUN is set in a rural English seaside town.  Fire, a bullied teenage loner finds a dead American pilot washed up under the pier.  After discovering the pilot’s gun, the boy is robbed by two bullies, Gas and Sneak.  He pursues them out of town where they force him to kill a sheep.  Falling into a state of shock, he sees the dead pilot walk across the field and stand behind his aggressors.  As if in a dream, he turns the gun on them.

Director’s Vision

American Gun seeks to capture the wild isolation of the Dorset Coast line, from the deep blue English Channel across the blood red heathlands of Purbeck to the green farmer’s fields.  We want to create a vivid rural canvas for the microcosmic story of bullying and revenge.  Using the expansive open lands as counterpoints to the claustrophobic spaces of ancient industrialised buildings and machinery we will explore the internal and externalised characters of a lone boy and his tormentors.

Alberto Sanchez Nue and Walter Ruttmann:Babelsberg

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Sound Recordist and Sound Designer for ‘ The Groom’

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The Groom is an independent international web series by Spanish video artist and filmmaker Alvaro Collar.
It is based on the film script written by Melyssa Ojeda and Alvaro back in 2005. It has now been turned into a series shot in different cities with different actors playing the same characters: the groom, his girlfriend Mary and a mysterious character named Ed.

After the London, Shanghai and Madrid episodes, The Groom arrives to Brighton where the next episode (episode 4) will take place. For this new video the cast will be formed by Jamie Langlands as The Groom, Victoria Litt as Mary and Aaron John Wells as Ed. The direction of photography will be done by talented Argentinian cinematographer Gabriel di Martino and the sound design will be done by sound artist Alberto Sanchez Nue.

Sound Designer for: ‘ Tunnel Vision ‘ documentary

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Using the visual rhythms andjuxtapositions of experimental documentary, Dean Moore will capture the vibrancy of the daily cut-and-thrust of the London Underground.  Collages offilmed footage, graphical design elements and audio captured on locationwill be edited together using a fusion of formal and experimental documentary practice, pure cinema, and visual poetics, to build anaudiovisual impression of this urban non-place.

The graphical visualization of data such as total track length, and staffand commuter numbers, will present a picture of something normally visiblejust one glimpse at a time.  This is, in short, a portrait of a system.

We’re seeking to both inform and entertain the viewer with a technical and stylish documentary that uses elements of observational documentaryand pure cinema. This project will capture moment in time, and is inpart influenced by such pure-cinema style documentary films as the The Qatsi Trilogy, Baraka and Manufactured Landscape, as well as an updated graphical approach common in contemporary moving image and VJ practice. The approx 30min documentary short will be assessed as part of Dean’s MAGraphic Moving Image, at London College of Communication, but will be developed for wider exhibition.

People Involved:

Dean Moore: Director, Editor, Motion Graphic, Cameraman

Toby Dashwood: 2nd Editor, Cameraman

Conor Gilholy: Cameraman

Simon Lane: 1st Assistant Editor, Cameraman

Russell Callow: Sound Designer

Alberto Sanchez Nue: Sound Designer

Alex bloomley Motion Graphics

Simon Van Stripian: Graphic Design